Enabling works are preparations to make a building site ready for construction. It covers activities from site preparation, creation of access routes, and the installation of facilities like security fencing, ramps, and placing of signs.


At ORIENT SPIRIT CONTRACTINGs, when it comes to earth moving, speed is critical; however accuracy can never be sacrificed.  Precise haul routes and cycle times are essential to a timely execution of the available machine power.  Planning of these precise haul routes begins in the preliminary stages of the project, through the use of three-dimensional modeling.  ORIENT SPIRIT will often partner with clients and general contractors early on to provide Value Engineering.  Collaboration among the Owner, Consulting Engineer, and ORIENT SPIRIT CONTRACTING's team can result not only in significant cost savings, but an expedited project delivery.  Once a final engineering plan is issued a three-dimensional model will be created to guide ORIENT SPIRIT CONTRACTING's field personnel in the delivery of the project.


Whether your project consists of a traditional trench foundation or a complex caisson system, ORIENT SPIRIT CONTRACTING can perform all your detail excavating needs. With an experienced staff of operating engineers, ORIENT SPIRIT CONTRACTING can stage a safe, multifaceted excavation, under the most grueling circumstances. In addition to our operating engineers, we employee an equally qualified staff of skilled union laborers needed to work alongside our equipment.


Any contractor can put a stick of pipe in the ground, but after that pipe is covered and out of sight, it must withstand the test of decades.  In order to withstand that test, underground utilities must be installed with precise accuracy, using advanced instruments to project grades on distant markers.  ORIENT SPIRIT Solution crews install miles upon miles of pipe every year with just that precision.  These pipe sizes range from one inch to 50 inches and include water distribution, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer.  Regardless of the size or type all pipe receives the same attention to detail as the next.


From new road infrastructure to the reconstruction of existing highways ORIENT SPIRIT CONTRACTING has the experience to deliver on time, within budget.  As a prime sub-contractor our staff of experienced project managers guides every roadway project through its critical path impeccably. So here you can find best rolex replica watches which are luxury and expensive.


In general, there are nine types of construction: Residential building construction, Light commercial construction, Multi-family construction, Health-Care construction, Environmental construction, Industrial construction, Commercial building construction, Institutional construction, Heavy civil construction. In General, we are the Minds Serving Construction.


From power generation cooling ponds to professional athletic fields, ORIENT SPIRIT CONTRACTING's team of skilled operators and seasoned project managers have the ability to deliver any specialty construction project.  With the combined efforts and collaboration of our excavating and utility divisions, ORIENT SPIRIT CONTRACTING can deliver the most complex projects on time and within budget.