Underground Utilities

Any contractor can put a stick of pipe in the ground, but after that pipe is covered and out of sight, it must withstand the test of decades. In order to withstand that test, underground utilities must be installed with precise accuracy, using advanced instruments to project grades on distant markers. ORIENT SPIRIT Solution crews install miles upon miles of pipe every year with just that precision. These pipe sizes range from one inch to 50 inches and include water distribution, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer. Regardless of the size or type all pipe receives the same attention to detail as the next.

Underground utility installation is one of ORIENT SPIRIT CONTRACTING's specialties; with crew capabilities ranging from open field pipe installation to complex urban reconstruction projects. By staying on top of the latest technological solutions, we have the equipment and experience necessary to install the pipe right where it needs to be.

In this demanding field, ORIENT SPIRIT CONTRACTING is noted for speed, safety, and uncompromised quality. Some of the specialized utility installations include the following:
  • Box culverts and creak diversions
  • Strom Trap storm water detention systems
  • Emergency municipal main repairs 
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Specialized sanitary sewer reconstruction (Brick Sewer)