Earth Movement

At ORIENT SPIRIT CONTRACTINGs, when it comes to earth moving, speed is critical; however accuracy can never be sacrificed. Precise haul routes and cycle times are essential to a timely execution of the available machine power. Planning of these precise haul routes begins in the preliminary stages of the project, through the use of three-dimensional modeling. ORIENT SPIRIT will often partner with clients and general contractors early on to provide Value Engineering. Collaboration among the Owner, Consulting Engineer, and ORIENT SPIRIT CONTRACTING's team can result not only in significant cost savings, but an expedited project delivery. Once a final engineering plan is issued a three-dimensional model will be created to guide ORIENT SPIRIT CONTRACTING's field personnel in the delivery of the project.

With as many as 15 machines in motion at one time, ORIENT SPIRIT CONTRACTING's experienced superintendents monitor and direct assets seamlessly at all times based on the required cut/fills. Above all, soil movement, aeration, and compaction remain the focus of all site foremen.

Through the combination of technology and experience, our customers have come to rely on ORIENT SPIRIT CONTRACTING to deliver their sites ready to build on, in a timely fashion.